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                                                                   Frequently Asked GROOMING Questions


Panteen Products and Biolage seem to work best with our Coat type. Use Moisturizing Shampoo and Seperate Conditioner , rinse until water runs clear.  Follow up with a spray-on leave in conditioner to prevent pulling the hair. It is best to comb out once the spray on conditioner/detangler has been applied. Warm a towel and wrap your baby up for 5 or 10 minutes to get the majority of the water out. Let them air dry for an hour or so then Blow dry on warm NOT HOT to finish. Wala Gorgeous kitty.

There are many types of combs/brushes available and many just do not do the job. You need a comb that will go all the way down to the skin. Please do not ever use one of those needle type combs/brushes on my babies skin. They should be outlawed. Click on the link to order the right one. I used to send these in the carrier home however my little EXTRAS were taken out by the airlines. Please have this available asap as your persian will matt very quickly if not combed out everyday.



The best advise i can give my clients is to clean the eyes everyday. It prevents overwhelming staining and keeps the eyes from getting infected from tear buildup.
I use Clean Warm Dawn Dishwashing water as it removes the protein buildup without harsh chemicals. Dunk your wash rag in the sink and squeeze out water well. It does not irritate their eyes. After cleaning around the eye, dry the eye area well but gently and Apply the Under eye stain cover cream to keep them beautiful everyday. It works for me and I reccomend it to anyone who has a kitty with white under the eyes. Your kittys will cease to stain if there is tearing after they become adults. We have made the eye issue a priority as we do not like sending out a maintenece nightmare so there will be very little with our kittys. Proper vaccination protocal and staying on top of our home bred kittens has made for us a very healthy little cattery. If there is excessive tearing, consider what you have going on in your house. Plug ins, sprays, etc. A persians eyes are very sensitive and will show if there are irritants. Please do not smoke around our kittys. They are not used to it. 

http://www.revivalanimal.com     Bio Groom Under Eye Stain Cover Cream   17810-118    .7oz  $5.99

An easy product to pick up at your local grocery is Contact lens solutions like Bio Clear or Renu. Both have  a natural antibiotic that is perfect for your kitty's eyes.

Play pen with zippered on mesh cover for outside time! Out of the sun of course! Thanks to my Friends and clients Penny and Tom for showing this to me. We googled POP UP PLAY PENS and found an even better option for us and our messy little pottytrainers LOL. Google POP UP Play pens, go to EBAY,  and you will see numerous colors come up. They are $ 51.00 including shipping and are 51 Inches in Diameter and 3 feet high. Also a more expensive option with a removeable bottom from Petco 80 to 120.00. I am a new women :) The bottoms are in them permanently which prevents the litter and dry foods from coming out. There is even a waterbottle holder hole already there. My kittens love having the room to run and be ridiculous. Its tall enough for the Scratching posts and toys. I drag it thru out the house so the babies get used  to everything. Bathrooms, Bedrooms Living rooms and they are safe. 
Believe me when I say that this is our Passion :) HOWEVER , We are Never able to take general question calls as we have 3 children in 3 different schools on accelerated schedules. Chat time is non existant. Please use our email address listed at the tops of our pages and we will get back to you as soon as we are able :) We check email numerous times a day!  It would be excellent if you could leave your phone number so we can call you between chores :) Thanks so much!
Few things mean more to me than Integrity and Being an honorable person. 

I do have a few people I reccomend if you cannot find what you are looking for. Just let me know. 
                                                         Sincerely, Sandra