November 8th, 2011

As we have progressed it has become harder and harder to decide what and when to hold back. Right now is tough for us as we have had several really nice kittens but have run into very few who have the time or money to show them. UGH! I really need to place a few very sweet kittys in show homes or they may have to go to very discerning pet homes. Am really working on who will be offered very quickly.

October 13, 2011 Today I begin my blog.

So many times I have wanted to share this or that and just have not had an area to begin. 
First I want to say that I have enjoyed keeping up with the many who have trusted me in thier kitten search. Many beautiful email and pictures have brightened my day reminding me why i chose a particular family for a particular kitten. Thank you so much to all of you. I do get quite attached to them so knowing how they are is so appreciated :) I am still relatively new to breeding for show quality when compared to those who have been in this for 20 years and have made mistakes in choices that have kept me behind a little. While I feel my look is gorgeous and the personalities are amazing I do want to refine/add more body weight. I am working on that thanks to a handful of amazing people I trust and really just good old fashioned luck.
Above are my wonderful boys aged 12 and 8 now. That yummy fruit basket a thank you from a sweet man and his wife who adopted one of our cute little guys. I made my boys change thier shirts here so the pics would look good LOL. They knew to make it good or they wouldnt get a piece of this gorgeous arraingement so they hammed it up for me :)
Pics soon