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Welcome to our available pages!

Just a little information regarding our adoptions

First we hope to make sure you understand that we are not a 24/7 year round breeding business with 20 cats in cages. It is truly a hobby for me when I have time to do a litter.  

I am a full-time Mom raising 3 beautiful kids , all in different schools, and all of which think I am Houdini and their personal staff :) I am Busy!! Please be patient and I will answer your inquiry as soon as I can break free :)

I have a solid reputation with my kitty families and always do right by those who adopt a baby from me. 

We respectfully request an Introduction
If you are seriously interested in one of the babies listed please send me an email with a short introduction of where you live, what you are looking for, Long Hair Persian or short hair exotic and your experience with these extreme face babies and I will get back with you as soon as I can. 

Deposits and Contract
Deposits are one half of the price of the kitten listed with their balance due by 8/10 weeks. My babies are separated and hand raised at 5 weeks to help avoid viral transmission. I have a solid month to watch them on their own prior to going home. I do sell on  a contract for everyone's piece of mind. Once a contract is forwarded you have 24 hours to make the deposit into our Bank or we will offer the kitten to the next family.  We understand people change their minds and that's ok. We just do not want to turn away a nice family if the kitten is still available. The babies are still available until a deposit has been received.

Spay and neuter and Vetting
All Males are neutered prior to leaving unless the testes are not present at final vetting or unless they go to a breeder home.  My kittens will have their vaccinations prior to leaving and have a State Veterinarians Certificate proving their testing for FELV, parasites , deworming and an over all exam. We absolutely guarantee PKD Free. We do not breed from PKD positive adults. 

 We personally Deliver your kitten to the nearest major international airport. Cost is based on available airfare with a same day turn around. Because flying is an all day affair there is a trip charge of 200.00 non refundable when possible. The kitten will cost between 99.00 and 150.00 to board the plane with me and the health certificate of 55.00. While we understand this may be pricey the Animal welfare act has set these restrictions and we must be in compliance. If you cannot meet with me personally prior to taking possession, a family member or personal representative chosen by you may step in to make the adoption possible. We can talk more about this during your adoption if need be.

Home visitation
  We provide numerous pictures and video of your little one prior to going home. ​Due to the potential of viral and ringworm spores that can be brought in on your hands and feet and for the safety of my children we no longer offer home visitation. We happily meet our clients anywhere that has outdoor cameras. 

email : belcherpurrs@yahoo.com
Thanks a Million! 
Sandra 813-966-9612 Text please 



 813-966-9612! Thanks a million, Sandra

JOE, a beautiful long hair exotic
​Born 6-27 
This beautiful boy is a handful! Very curious and ready to explore! 
Will have all shots and be neutered Prior to going home. Can be ready anytime. Need a couple of days notice for his vet visit :) $1150 Please text or email a short introduction with his name and i will get right with you. Text is usually faster as i get a notification of its arrival! Please no initial phone calls as i do not answer calls I do not know. 813-966-9612
Sweet Boy, Exotic Short Hair male
Born 6-27

Very sweet natured and easy peezy to groom. This baby is ready to go with just a few days notice to get his last shots and his neuter. All Belcherpurrs Kittens are vet checked and come with a state of Florida Veterinary health certificate proving the shots and testing given.
Text is preferred at 813-966-9612 for introduction. Please state his name when inquiring :) $ 1050.00

Creamsicle, a beautiful long hair exotic
Born 6-24

This gorgeous boy is a dream. Love his color and 
sweet demeanor. His face is crazy beautiful and one I wish I could keep with me. Love Love him!
Can  be ready anytime as we need just a few days notice to have his final shots and get his neuter complete. Will have a State of Florida Health Certificate proving his vetting.
$1200.00 Please make sure to include a brief introduction and his name when inquiring.
Text is preferred as I am able to respond quickly. Once these little guys are posted they go fairly fast and I may have others inquiring on the same kitten who are just as interested. 813-966-9612. Please no initial phone calls. I do not answer numbers I do not know. 
Lil Fairy, a Stunning exotic long hair female
Born 6-24

I love love love this girl! She looks sooo soft with her dilute coloring and is as sweet. All she wants is love and attention. Ready to go after she is reserved and spayed. She like all Belcherpurrs Kittens will be vetted for her final shots and will be spayed prior to going home. She needs 4 or 5 days with me after her spay to make sure all is ok then off she goes to one lucky family. She is just so beautiful!
 Lil Fairy is 1100.00
Please text with initial introduction or at least text me and let me know you have inquired via email so i know to check for it. If you are in love do not hesitate as once i post today inquiries flood in. 813-966-9612. Please no initial phone calls as i do not answer calls from numbers i do not know.
My beautiful Baby Dragon, 

Local Retiree home only!

Baby Dragon is almost 6 now and is retired from her show and breeding career. She has always had my heart and is just an amazing kitty. Draggie has always been so connected to humans and really communicates with her eyes. So open and expressive. Sweetheart. She does enjoy being with you and will burrow under your covers at night if allowed. 

Dragon is finicky about her litter box. Clean or forget it. Very picky Precious Princess.  I buy Dr elseys Cat attract and it works perfectly for her. I also have her on Rachel Rays Salmon and brown rice dry kibble and she loves it and is in great shape after her last babies. Most store bought brands upset her stomach however this one works. Easily Purchased at Walmart or Publix. She is already spayed and is ready to go.

This baby is in my heart so please write to me and tell me about your home and experience with these flat faced babies. 

Please do not send a one liner as it will not get answered. You are asking about a Special show baby that has traveled near and far with me and has my heart. I want to feel like she is going to an extended family member.


Thanks a million!

After the babies are placed and For the foreseeable future I will be putting my show home and breeding's on hold until Finances permit me to continue. These kitty's are of my last breeding's. I have placed a few of my special angels intended to be shown by me in show homes which was my intention so I'm very happy. I am very happy with the quality so please ask if you want a show baby. 
Don't worry I am holding back a couple of very nice kittens as I've spayed my adult females so I will be back God willing. 
Precious, an exotic long hair female
born 6-24-2017
 $ 1100.00

This is a precious little girl and will make a beautiful family pet or show baby. Sorry for the long video lol

Heartbreaker, an Exotic Short Hair Male
Born 6-24-2017
Ready anytime

Heartbreaker will be vetted to include A state of Florida Veterinary Health Certificate, Vaccinations, Neuter ,fecal and an over all exam prior to going home. 

He is so gorgeous and show worthy.  Very playful little guy! He didn't know what to think of the pool fountain noise :)

Heartbreaker is 1400.00