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Elle @ 7 weeks - Remained at Belcherpurrs :)
Wally- in a forever home in Mississippi soon to have a sweet playpal summer 2009. 
Goldie- Now at homes in Maine and Ft Lauderdale with Janet her mom, Parti another Belcherpurrs doll above at the top, and being spoiled rotten. I miss this sweet girl.
Robert - found him a sweet forever home with a mom with the same brthday :) He was the biggest piece of Jello. So floppy and agreeable. His mom loves him!!
Babs 2008- has  a new brother joining her in 2009
Start up Cattery in Nebraska
I went to Germany to My Mom Uma
I went to Canada with my new mom GoGo. I always loved big journeys :)
Johnson our Seal Point Himalayan watching over Cassy newborns. The cream baby Teddy went to Georgia with her new mom and dad and has been joined by a beautiful brother Giovani.
I now live with another Belcherpurrs sibling in the big apple.
My Name is Indie and I am from Star and Devil on moms site. Aren't I pretty. I may be staying.
My name is Ginger and now live in Venezuela with my dad Guiseppe. Woowee!!
My name is Daisey. My mom and dad are the greatest. I have a big brother at home as well and a play mate with short hair like me. We are short Hair exotic Persians. Yes...i do get everything I want. My mom adores me. Key West Florida
Cassy 2008 babies. They were so cute!  I love each one of thier families to pieces.
Stayed with Belcherpurrs and is producing outstanding kittens for us.
At the time we didnt want to keep a long Hair exotic.......bad decision :) She was the sweetest thing ever.
Robert Again and his brother , both short hair exotic persians
Merlot! What a boy. Georgia
Pheobe, a very beautiful little girl living with her Mom Cathy Gross in Fort Lauderdale. 
I am a short Hair Exotic persian. Mom Says my ears were a little big so I could hear better. She kissed me lots so I bet  I am cute all the same.
 Budly my Precious Exotic from Precious and Prince 2009. Can someone please help him...his ears fell down :(