Welcome to our home online and a peek at your breeders family.

Welcome to our home page online. I have enjoyed so much putting it together. It is important to me that you know something about us, where we love and how we care  for the kittens we are responsible for. Our Beautiful Kittys are raised in my own home beside us at all times to ensure we watch them constantly. When we do allow a breeding we plan nothing near or around those dates so we are available without worry. We have 2 sons ages 9 and 14 who assist in socializing :) These babies know what it is to be held and slept with. Expect your Belcherpurrs baby to be used to darth Vadar Masks, sirens, and dump truck rides and wild video games. So precious to watch. The entertainment is priceless.

We feel those raised in a completely seperated structure or cat house kennel simply cannot have the sweet, unafraid, trusting and loving personality we have and want to present to those trust our judgement. Having to lovingly reprimand our babies for tasting our Tea or sneaking a piece of Pork chop outweigh the damage we could do from isolating them. I could never look at thier eyes. Your Belcherpurrs kittys are raised in an exceptionaly clean well organized family environment with a very close working relationship with our Veterinarians and thier staff. We could not do this without knowing we had a strong backing from our vets. 

You can always expect a friendly experience with us as we go thru the process of finding your special baby. We get tickled with every adoption. We are responsible breeders and do not over breed our girls for the sake of money.  Each little life we create is precious.

We stay busy much of the time with grooming and cleaning, playing and planning with the kittens when we have a litter. Any more than 2  litters at a time is just not manageable comfortably, unless you have a staff .     

We do produce clear clean pictures showing your kitten face on, several body shots to show patterning, an honest evaluation of quality and a video. 12 weeks is the rule of thumb we use in determining a kittens ready status. Our babies are watched individually to ensure healthy and proper potty habits. Seperated and hand raised at 5 weeks to aid in prevention of transmission of common feline viruses, They will have 2 sets of shots, be tested for Feline Leukemia, and be fecal tested for Internal and external parasites. Your Belcherpurrs baby will always be kept in immaculate condition and be presented to you beautifully groomed. 

Because we care, We sell on a Contract
 to protect our kittens. Your  kitten will be Healthy to the best of our knowledge,  fully vetted and tested negative for Feline Leukemia, Internal / External Parasites when leaving our care.  A State of Florida Health Exam and Certificate will accompany your baby home. We are responsible breeders.

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I have loved and Kissed this Beautiful face for 5 years and everyday I still think of the very day she was presented to me. I was completely speechless. Gorgeous huge coat and absolutely groomed to perfection.  I will never forget it...... This is my baby Star after giving birth. We adore each other and she trusts me completely. Star is now retired and Livng with a very happy new mom :) I miss this girl so much. My first show baby. CFA Champion Wish Upon a Star.
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Gorgeous Patch, now retired, and my youngest son taking a nap. We are so very lucky to have found this beautiful exotic male when we first started out. His breeder was very small with only a few kittys. Very healthy boy who has proven to have outstanding body type and personality. Patch is now retired and living with Christine in Sunny Ft Lauderdale.